Brendan & Karen – 07/02/2015 – Kleine Zalze

After Brendan and Karen were together for 6 years, Brendan asked Karen to marry him in such a special way. They went to the Planetarium on their 6 year anniversary, and after the show a slideshow of them appeared on the screen; then Brendan went on his knee to ask the big question. 🙂

They were engaged for 2 years and this year they got married in style with family an friends at Kleine Zalze.

DJ: Heiny

Cake: The Bird Cage

Dress: Eve’s Bridal

Make-Up: Gayle Hansby

Hair: Follicle Hair Salon

Decor & Flowers: My Pretty Vintage

Groom suit: Eurosuit

Assistant & Second shooter: Alecia van Aarde


IMG_816224 IMG_8053 IMG_8054 IMG_8116 IMG_8150 IMG_8158 IMG_8161 16 17 22 21 20 19 18IMG_7384 IMG_7436 3 2IMG_7343 IMG_7328 IMG_7333 IMG_7355_DSC1483 IMG_7360 IMG_7366IMG_7460 IMG_7469 IMG_7478 IMG_7494 IMG_7496IMG_7524 4 6IMG_7556 IMG_7567IMG_7564 IMG_7572 IMG_7597 IMG_7616 IMG_7625 IMG_7631 IMG_7637 IMG_7646 5 7_DSC15269IMG_769110_DSC1556IMG_7731IMG_7755_DSC158313IMG_7783IMG_786114IMG_7903IMG_7947IMG_7988IMG_7911IMG_7915IMG_7921IMG_79241511IMG_8009IMG_8030252640IMG_8193IMG_8194IMG_8197IMG_8266272830343531IMG_8331IMG_8352IMG_8358IMG_8322IMG_8499IMG_8475IMG_8473IMG_8403IMG_8407IMG_85253736IMG_8551IMG_8562IMG_8571383233IMG_860439IMG_8612IMG_8621IMG_8630IMG_8652IMG_8681IMG_8701IMG_8717IMG_8712IMG_87164142IMG_87624344454647IMG_8804IMG_8808IMG_8829IMG_8860IMG_8906IMG_8949IMG_8980_DSC2043_DSC2161_DSC1985_DSC2024IMG_9015IMG_902849485051IMG_9115IMG_9140IMG_9142


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