Izak & Riette – 16/12/2014 – JC le Roux

Izak and Riette’s wedding was fabulously coordinated by Sylvia from Special Events and JC le Roux was the perfect setting.

Izak and Riette are both from the Free State, so getting married in Cape Town was a definite yes 🙂 They look at each other with such tenderness; and I know that God will bless them with a beautiful marriage.

Venue: House of JC le Roux

Ceremony: Devon Valley Hotel

Coordinator: Special Events (Sylvia)

Decor and Flowers: Special Events (Sylvia)

Cake: Edible Art Cake

DJ: Baha Entertainment

Hair and Make-Up: Hair and Make-up by Almari

Wedding Dress: Anel Botha Couture

Bridesmaids Dresses: Gelique

Assistant: Tracey Shaw


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