Leslie & Michelle – Engaged

Leslie & Michelle se sunrise engagement shoot. Hulle is werklik ‘n “match made in heaven” 🙂

Dit was soveel fun gewees om hulle af te neem, ek sien natuurlik baie uit na hulle troue!


IMG_3913IMG_3922 IMG_3925 IMG_3929 IMG_3955 IMG_4026 IMG_4050 IMG_4059 IMG_4078 IMG_4099 IMG_4108 IMG_3593 IMG_3603 IMG_3608 IMG_3613 IMG_3628 IMG_3635 IMG_3639 IMG_3643 IMG_3688 IMG_3706 IMG_3739 IMG_3755 IMG_3758 IMG_3767 IMG_3797 IMG_3805 IMG_3831 IMG_3839 IMG_3841 IMG_3849 IMG_3853 IMG_3855 IMG_3888 IMG_3894


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