Garron & Charlotte – Engaged

Garron and Charlotte wanted their engagement photos taken at The Woodstock Exchange. A lovely place in Woodstock to hang out with some friends, go for coffee or to do some shopping.

I will be photographing their wedding later this year in Philadelphia, excited! 🙂

Garron and Charlotte – Enjoy the photos!

IMG_6221 IMG_6223b IMG_6247 IMG_6252 IMG_6284 IMG_6289 IMG_6306 IMG_6311b IMG_6351 IMG_6406 IMG_6423 IMG_6440 IMG_6447 IMG_6473 IMG_6497 IMG_6504 IMG_6548 IMG_6589 IMG_6606 IMG_6615 IMG_6635 IMG_6647 IMG_6675 IMG_6678 IMG_6687 IMG_6707 IMG_6722IMG_6786


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