Pete & Michelle – 15 December 2012 – Silvermist Mountain Lodge

I was so excited when Michelle booked me to photograph their wedding! I had the privilege to photograph two of her friends’ weddings as well (Candice and Bronwyn). So I knew this was also going to be a beautiful wedding.

Pete is originally from New Zealand, but a South African girl stole his heart 😉 May your marriage be filled with lots of love and blessings!

Venue: Silvermist Mountain Lodge

Assistant: Lee-Anne


IMG_2607 IMG_2610 IMG_2613 IMG_2659 IMG_2677 IMG_2702 IMG_2794 IMG_2795 IMG_2843 IMG_2848 IMG_2862 IMG_2872 IMG_2898 IMG_2967 IMG_3063 IMG_3100 IMG_3214 IMG_3365 IMG_3391 IMG_3406 IMG_3424 IMG_3463 IMG_3472-2 IMG_3594-2 IMG_3608 IMG_3755 IMG_3779 IMG_3793 IMG_3857 IMG_3869 IMG_3877 IMG_3891 IMG_3918 IMG_3956 IMG_3986 IMG_3991 IMG_3998 IMG_4005 IMG_4018 IMG_4023 IMG_4036 IMG_4064 IMG_4090 IMG_4132 IMG_4173 IMG_4189 IMG_4200 IMG_4278 IMG_4574 IMG_4588 IMG_4671 IMG_4699


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